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Huge & delicious made with your choice of sirloin steak, premium ground beef, chicken, veggies, or shrimp. All burritos include refried beans, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and additional choices to build it the way you like include; cilantro, onion, guacamole, sour cream, jalepenos, and rice.

Mongo Burrito ™ - The 8 LB Challenge for the Man Vs. food challenger or officiando. (see video to left) 22.5" x 8.5" x 5" . Are you up to the challenge? Finish the Mongo Burrito in one hour and it's free along with one dinner each month for an entire year or $50. Of course your picture will be used in various promos!

Atomic Burrito  ™ - Sign the waiver and prepare to experience extreme heat. Assembled with our house made atomic sauce featuring bhut jolokia peppers (aka ghost pepper). The " Atomic Burrito " exceeds one million on the scoville scale, and is the hottest burrito in Florida!

Bistek Burrito – This signature burrito is assembled with sirloin steak, grilled red & green peppers, onions,  lettuce, cheese, beans, and tomatoes. Amazingly Tasty!!!

Very Veggie Burrito - Grilled broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, optional green peppers and onions are in the center of this healthy contender. Also wrapped with house made refried pinto beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

Mutaki Burrito ™ - Mexicana Fusion - bite into our Asian inspiration! Filled with Asian Veggies, and your choice of grilled sirloin or shrimp, complimented with rice, cilantro, and our Mutaki sauce.


Super Burrito - Say hello to a 1 LB burrito that will put a smile on your tummy. Double stuffed with  all the same choices as our regular burrito.


Wet Burrito - Locally famous and our house specialty!  Kicks your burrito up a notch with melted cuesa blanca and our special house made enhilada sauce !

Siesta Burrito - Mom's favorite and a hit with customers. Our awesome chicken burrito with all the fixins plus, cilantro, sour cream, enchi sauce, and chopped onion.

Santa Fe - Chipotle with chicken or beef and all of the regular fixings. This is a sweet, smokey, and a little spicy flavor.



A choice of tortilla filled with your choice of chicken, pork, steak, veggie, shrimp, guacamole, Steak and pico de gallo, steak cilantro & onion



Crispy open face tortilla spread with refried beans then piled high with your choice of beef, chicken, steak, veggie, guacamole, and covered with lettuce, cheese, and tomato. 



Homegrown just like grandma made – shredded pork or beef surrounded by corn mesa and wrapped in a corn husk.




A rolled and lightly fried tortilla surrounding your choice of beef, chicken, pork, or veggies. Topped with guacamole and sour cream. Served with shredded lettuce salad, rice and beans.


Wet Chimi

Same as chimichanga but substitutes melted cheese and ranchero sauce for guacamole & sour cream



Also known as flutes! Your choice of corn or flour tortillas wrapped tightly with your choice of beef,chicken, pork, or veggies and deep fried. Topped with sour cream and ranchero sauce.

Served with refried beans and Spanish rice.


Tamales Mojado

Classic corn mesa wrapped in a corn husk around beef or pork. Two served with melted cheese and ranchero sauce set beside refried beans & rice.



Flour tortillas rolled and filled with a choice of beef, chicken, pork, or veggies. Topped with

Melted cheese and ranchero sauce. Served with a side of refried beans and rice.


Bistek A La Mexicana

Traditional Mexicana style pepper steak. Perfectly seasoned sirloin steak chunks simmered in tomato sauce with green peppers and onions. Served with choice of tortillas and side of beans and rice.


Pollo A La Mexicana

Traditional Mexicana style chicken with peppers. Shredded chicken simmered with green peppers and onions and placed beside refried beans, Spanish rice, shredded lettuce. Served with choice of tortillas.



Two corn tortillas rolled and filled with your choice of cheese, beef, pork, chicken, or veggies. Covered with with your choice of rich enchilada sauce or spicy verde salsa and melted cheese. Served with a side of rice, beans, and shredded lettuce.



A Mexico City Favorite! Three soft corn tortillas layered with cheese, beef, and chicken. Covered with ranchero sauce then topped with guacamole and sour cream.


Stuffed Pimiento

Absolutely delicious for pepper lovers!!! Large green pepper stuffed with perfectly seasoned beef, pork, and Spanish rice. Topped with Melted cheese, enchi sauce, sour cream, chopped cilantro, and served on a bed of rice or beans. You never had a stuffed pepper like this before.


Fish Taco Fiesta

Three fish tacos mild, delicate tasting basa filet prepared on the grill and placed into a corn tortilla. Topped with lettuce,cheese, tomatoes, and special cucumber horsey sauce.

Served with a side of Spanish rice.


Mango Piscado

A mildly spiced white basa fish filet grilled and served with sweet mango cilantro salsa. Accompanied with Spanish rice and shredded lettuce salad.


Margarita Shrimp

A generous portion of grilled shrimp that’s mildly spiced and sautéed in Margarita Mango Salsa. Topped with chopped cilantro and placed beside Spanish rice and shredded lettuce salad.


Combo Loco

Great way to taste Mexico for poquito pesos! This combo includes; 1 beef or chicken tostada, 1 chicken taco with choice of corn, flour, or crispy shell. 1 homegrown beef or pork tamale topped with ranchero sauce.


Cabo Combo

This combination includes 1 taco with your choice of shell and filling. 2 entomatadas with choice of filling and is served with Spanish rice and refried beans.


Siesta Combo

A favorite combo for many regulars! 1 beef or pork homegrown tamale, 1 enchilada with choice of filling and enchilada or salsa verde topping, 1 taco with choice of filling and shell. Served with

Spanish rice, refried beans, and shredded lettuce salad.





Taco Salad

A large crispy tortilla bowl filled with your choice of chicken or beef and accompanied with lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cheeses, and topped with guacamole and sour cream. Steak and veggie toppings also available.


Fiesta Bowl

A large crispy tortilla bowl filled with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, rice, and cheese topped with your choice of grilled shrimp or basa fish filet.


Shrimp Seviche

Cooked shrimp, chopped and tumbled with avacado chunks, diced tomatoes and just the right amount of cilantro, oregano, and citrus juice. Served upon a bed of shredded lettuce. Light and wonderful!


Cocktail De Camaron

Tradition Mexican style shrimp cocktail. Boiled and chilled shrimp served in a tangy and sweet cocktail sauce with sliced avacado, chopped cilantro, and onion.


Avacado Salad

Sliced Tomato, and avacadoes served on a bed of shredded lettuce topped with chopped cilantro, olive oil, and fresh lime.




This is our partial menu. 

We do serve soda, beers, wine, margaritas, desserts, and have a children’s menu also.


Have any ideas for us just send us an email. 
Thank you








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